Zildjian 20-Inch A Custom Ping Ride Cymbal Brilliant Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zildjian 20 inch A Custom Ping Ride Cymbal Brilliant
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a very unique sounding ride. i love this ride becouse it doesnt have that flat shaky sound you find amoung most other rides.the sound omits more of a ring to it when played at the highest intensity with alot of after decay time i must add. its also perfect for using somthing to follow if youd preferre that over high hats at any paticular time. i mostly like to practice harder music like metal, wich this cymbol is perfect for. i also like to experiment putting different types of music togetter wich this is also good for becouse i just cant say ive ever heard anthing like this ride cymbol. i consider it one of my best peices on my set. so if your intrested in a new cymbol i recomend checking this one out to see if it matches your paticular taste, but for one thing when you here it you will understand where im coming from.

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Product Description:
Medium Heavy Weight, Brilliant Finish

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