Yamaha DD65 Digital Drum Pad Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Monday, October 18, 2010

Yamaha DD65 Digital Drum Pad
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First off this is NOT a replacement for a real drumkit. It's more of a portable mini kit to take around with you where you want. Much like a guitarist's mini backpack guitar. The built in speakers do the job but if you want better sound, plug in to an external audio source. IT has 50 preset drum kits and 100 play along songs in a range of styles which can be fun to practice to. The kit samples are decent. And there is a nice mix of styles to choose. The pads look sturdy, not sure how they'll hold up over time but we'll see.

The sensitivity can be adjusted to 3 levels 0-1-2. Frankly I didnt notice a whole lot of difference between mode 0 and mode 1 but mode 2 I did notice a slightly more responsive hit when I tapped the pads. If purchasing this i'd consider getting soft tip lightweight sticks or maybe rigging a pair with foam on the tips to preserve the pads and prevent banging up the unit.

The layout of the kit is much better then the dd-55. When playing it I tilt it slightly clockwise so the right bottom end points in between my legs, feels very natural. The pedals provided are not the best but you can upgrade to better full size electronic pedals if you like. But for the purpose I use it for, the provided pedals are just fine. There is a hand percussion mode which when activated brings up the bongo and conga kit. You can then play with your hands which is a nice add on feature.

Im giving it a 4. If it had better sounding speakers and better pedals id give it a five. If you're just starting out i'd recommend getting a full size acoustic or electric kit. But if you know how to play and want a compact light weight mini kit to tote around to friends houses, this is the perfect solution.

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Product Description:
The Yamaha DD-65 Digital Drum Kit was created for drummers of all ages and levels! This compact digital drum set features eight touch-sensitive pads, two drum pedals and AUX IN capability for playing along with an MP3 player. The DD-65 also fits any snare stand and offers built-in ported speakers, Flash Memory for importing songs and USB connectivity. The DD-65 has been faithfully designed from a drummer's point of view, with pads placed where drummers expect them to be, making it easier for experienced drummers to play the product and for beginners to make the transition to an acoustic kit. The DD-65 is packed with over 200 General MIDI compatible sounds, 100 songs and riffs to play along with and 50 drum kits, along with three user-defined kits, a sequencer to record your own songs, digital effects like Reverb and Master EQ, hand percussion mode and built-in ported speakers - amazing features at an attractive price. Yamaha DD65 Features Replaces the super-popular DD55 bringing with it a new design that's even more drummer friendly! AUX IN to play along with an MP3 player USB MIDI Two foot switches are included - the kick drum foot switch is touch-ensitive! Drum sticks are included Hand Play Sensitivity: Play Latin kit with hands Bass port 4 large and 4 small touch-sensitive drum pads 230 GM compatible voices plus 20 drum phrases Stereo drum kit 32-note polyphony Reverb Master EQ on/off LED 50 preset drum kits plus 3 custom kits Recording capability up to 5 User songs in memory at one time Intros/endings Break fill Stereo speakers Tap start Tempo control 100 songs plus Flash ROM for downloading new songs from the Internet with A-B repeat and part mute Metronome Headphone jack Powered Via: 6 C batteries or PA5D power adaptor (optional)

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