Replacement Strat Parts Kit Black Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Replacement Strat Parts Kit Black
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I bought this set to finish a guitar that I am building from scratch.At first glance, it looks like a great deal.I ordered this kit and immediately contacted the vendor (WD Music) with a question.I asked if the pickguard, trem cover, knobs, etc. were black and if they were not could they sub black.The response I got was that no, they are white and that if I had wanted them black, I should have called in the order and that it was too late now to do anything.
5 days later the box arrived at my door.It was very well packed and complete with all the parts described.The pickguard was pre-wired and ready to go.There were not any instruction sheets what-so-ever.I have to say that I was less than pleased with the quality of the items.The tuners are very cheap Kluson Delux machines with plastic knobs.The pickguard is a white-black-white and is of decent quality.Pickups are Kent Armstrong, and the jury's still out on those.Cord jack and strap buttons are low quality and a dingy satin black finish.The tremolo is also the same dingy satin black and seems to be low to medium quality.The "extra parts" are lowest-of-low quality and include 2 screwdrivers a super cheap string winder, strings, polishing cloth and cord.
In all, for half the price it would be an ok set, for $250, it's not.

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Product Description:
WD parts kits to completely build and finish your guitar. No additional expense or parts required. All you need is an evening or two and you can build your own home built custom shop guitar.

Here's what you get-

Pre-wired WD® pickguard assembly featuring KENT ARMSTRONG pickups, vintage style tremolo with all hardware, genuine KLUSON® tuners, jackplate with Switchcraft® jack, neckplate and cushion, tremolo cover, strap buttons, string trees and all necessary screws to put it together. All electronics feature push pin connectors for solderless connections. We even throw in screwdrivers, drill bits, polishing cloth, high quality cable,set up strings, peg winder, and picks.


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