LightSnake STUSBPOD300 Podcasting Kit Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LightSnake STUSBPOD300 Podcasting Kit
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This was bought for my Son-In-Law and my Daughter so they can have some good microphones to use for their Podcasting. He asked for it specifically so since he only wanted this name brand I got it as a gift and they said that it works great and it is just what they were hoping for which makes me very pleased.

Thank you for making it available at a great discounted price.

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Product Description:
PODCASTING IS FOR EVERYONE.This is a complete Podcasting kit.Everything you need to easily create and place your Podcasts on the web for subscription is included. Podcasting uses: Business - Sales Mangers can get weekly specials, sales tools etc out to sales team, Introduce new products to company or end users, Do how to use your new product Podcasts, Update workforce on company happenings.Community - Clubs can get monthly ideas out to members, Alderman/City council members can do weekly Podcasts about their work in community, Churches can do weekly bible lessons etc.Personal - Do a family update, Travel log that family and friends can listen to, Instead of Blogging get your ideas out to people with the emotion that only the human voice can convey, Read your all your grandchildren a goodnight story from the other side of the world.Traditional - Create your own radio programs, Promote your band with Podcasts,Create extended news programs and interviews

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