Fender Blues Deluxe Complete Mod Kit - For Re-Issue amps Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fender Blues Deluxe Complete Mod Kit - For Re-Issue amps
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If you own a Fender Hot Rod series amp or the Blues Deluxe series, you need to check out the Fromel mods for your amp.

First of all, I am not associated with Fromel Electronics in any way.I'm just an old guitar picker who has been searching for that classic Fender sound I remember from the 60's and now I'm getting that sound out of my amp! I'm really excited about it and I want to tell the world! Here's my story if you care to read about it:

I bought a Fender Blues Deluxe from a guy on Craig's List about 6 months ago mainly because I wanted that clean, "tubey" sound of the old Fenders without spending a fortune on a classic amp.I was expecting the clean channel of the Blues Deluxe to give me that sound, but it just wasn't there.It sounded like the true Fender sound was trying to get out of the amp, but I couldn't make it happen.And the drive channel was uncontrollable and basically useless.

I decided to replace the speaker.I ended up putting an old, re-coned JBL K-120 in the amp.The K-120 is one of the cleanest sounding speakers ever made.It made some difference in the sound of the amp, but it still did not give me that classic Fender sound I was craving.It was becoming clear that the problem was somewhere in the circuitry of the amp.

In researching the problem, I came across the Fromel Electronics website and decided to try their mod kit for the Blues Deluxe.The kit cost $45 and came with illustrated instructions.I don't trust my soldering skills on a PC board, so I had an amp tech install the parts for me.(Cost $60)Since I got the amp back, I can't stop playing it!It's now the best sounding amp I've ever owned - and I've owned a lot of them!Including some of those classics.The clean channel just opens up and blossoms into a beautiful sound no matter how you have the knobs set!And the drive channel is now useful for some things.I'm not a big fan of the drive channel, but that's not why I bought the amp.However, it is way more useful than it was in it's stock condition.

I won't go into all the mods that were done.You can check that out at the Fromel website, but I would put the clean channel of this amp up against any of the boutique amps on the market today costing a small fortune.Mesa, Orange, Hughes & Kettner - any of them including the classic Fenders!

So here's how it all broke down money wise:1 used Fender Blues Deluxe from Craig's List - $350.1 re-coned JBL K-120 speaker - $125 (I got a good deal.) 1 mod kit from Fromel - $45.Tech services - $60.Total of $580 for a wonderful amp!A brand new Blues Deluxe costs $750 and won't sound nearly as good as this one!

As it turns out, I probably didn't have to replace the speaker to get the sound, but having a JBL in any amp is a good thing!And the K-120 (with the alnico magnet) only added another 5 pounds to the weight of the amp.

I've been playing and gigging for over 40 years and have had the opportunity to use just about every amp there is.The sound of my Blues Deluxe is now up there with the best of them.I highly recommend the Fromel mods to anyone who owns a Fender Hot Rod / Blues series amp.

'Nuff said.

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Product Description:
Unleash the tone of your Blues Deluxe. This kit works for the Reissue Blues Deluxe that is made in Mexico. If you have a Blues Deluxe made in the USA please see my listing for that amp. The Blues Deluxe sounds good and is pretty reliable, other than a couple common problems. After these mods your amp will sound fantastic and be more reliable. The classic Fender tone is released through these changes. The flabby bottom darkness is gone, what you get is full warm classic tone with nice top end sparkle.

Complete kit with detailed instruction book with photo's includes all the following mods. This Mod kit is for the current re-issue Made in Mexico version.

Included in the kit is all the components necessary to get your amp in top shape and the detailed instructions to make the changes easy.

Please Note: For the best improvements in the tone and reliability of your amplifier, we recommend that you purchase both the "Recap Kit" and "Complete Kit" that we offer separately (or together in the "Supreme Mod Kit"). These kits upgrade your amplifier in unique ways and none of the parts are duplicated between the "Recap Kit" and "Complete Kit."

WARNING: Performing these modifications WILL void the warranty on your amplifier. Working on amps can be deadly if you do not take proper precautions. Follow these instructions very carefully. If you are at all unsure of your ability to perform these modifications STOP and take your amp to a professional to be modified. You can also send your amp to me for modification.

No Warranty: This kit and the instructions included do not include any warranty of any kind. The modifications to your amplifier are at your own risk and you agree to completely hold harmless the seller of this kit against any and all claims. Tube amplifiers contain parts that operate at very high temperatures and deadly voltages. If you are not sure of your abilities to perform these modifications then do not perform them.

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