Epiphone Valve Jr. Junior Supreme Mod Kit Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Thursday, October 21, 2010

Epiphone Valve Jr. Junior Supreme Mod Kit
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This is a great modification for an Epiphone Valve Jr.If you have never done something like this before, you might want to practice your soldering skills first.You will need a 25 to 30 watt soldering iron, and a solder sucker.Radio Shack sells just what you need - a sucker with a red bulb that works perfectly.Fromel's instructions are not terribly clear, and I would make sure you have exactly what is supposed to come in the package (there is a chart on the instructions - take the time to figure them out).The Epi Jr is very easy to disassemble, but you will definitely need an Exacto type knife to cut through (take your time) some of the glue that is used to secure some of the components to the board.After I figured everything out in the instructions, I removed and replaced one component at a time.There are suggestions and videos on YouTube on the internet for techniques on how to remove and install capacitors and resistors from a circuit board, but if you can practice on something that has no value (if you have no experience), I would try that first. Remember, soldering irons and suckers only work from the back side, not the side with all the components!

When I got it all done and put things back together, (I also replaced the stock tubes with Mullard Reissue tubes) it sounded AMAZING!More power and tone, and you can really tell.Also less hiss in the background.My only suggestion would be for Fromel to update and clarify the directions.It is not so scary as it seems.Just remember, if your amp is under warranty, doing this voids it so you are on your own if something goes wrong.

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Product Description:
Unleash the tone of your Epiphone Valve Jr. The Valve Jr is quickly becoming one of the best selling tube amps, it has pretty good tone and the price is right. However, these amps can tend to be a bit noisy and sound a bit thin. After these mods your amp will sound fantastic, with less noise and be more reliable. After these mods the tone will rival that of boutique amps costing many times more. Your Epiphone Valve Jr may be small in size but it doesn't need to sound small.

This kit works for all versions of the Valve Jr. Both the Head and the Combo.

Included in the kit is all the components necessary to get your amp in top shape and the detailed instructions to make the changes easy. If you have a basic understanding of electronics and soldering skills you can do these mods in less than an hour.

WARNING: Performing these modifications WILL void the warranty on your amplifier. Working on amps can be deadly if you do not take proper precautions. Follow these instructions very carefully. If you are at all unsure of your ability to perform these modifications STOP and take your amp to a professional to be modified. You can also send your amp to me for modification.

No Warranty: This kit and the instructions included do not include any warranty of any kind. The modifications to your amplifier are at your own risk and you agree to completely hold harmless the seller of this kit against any and all claims. Tube amplifiers contain parts that operate at very high temperatures and deadly voltages. If you are not sure of your abilities to perform these modifications then do not perform them.

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