Washburn Idol Series WI45WHK Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Washburn Idol Series WI45WHK Electric Guitar
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The guitar is underpriced (in the market overall) for it's value (although I think an ebony fretboard would be nice). Probably underpriced because Washburn is known for acoustic guitars, but everything I read/saw on the Idol line looked good, so I took a gamble.

Very high quality construction, you get a guitar of high quality for a very reasonable cost. Has a great finish on it, the fretboard inlays are unique and very nice. Grover tuners provide very stable tuning.

The humbuckers are fairly hot (I also have a Les Paul Studio Faded, and these are fairly close to those) - very easy to drive into distortion. (I find I usually play with volume down around 3 or 4 in order to keep the sound clean.)

There were two things I didn't like:

Comes with 9's for strings - I like 10's and might even go to 11's (but have that problem with every guitar except hollow/semi-hollows).

Has plastic knobs for volume/tone - I'm switching those out with metal. Again, have that problem with most guitars as well.

The neck plays very well, and (at least mine) came well adjusted on the action. Also have a Godin Exit 22 and the playability here is very comparable. Really nice fret sizing, and easy to get around the neck. There's a lot of internet chatter about the VCC system - I don't think it makes the tone knobs useless (as some claim), but I do think it reduces their effect. Still playing with volume/tone dialing, and switching among pickups, you can get some great range of sounds out of this thing.

I'm really happy with it, it's an impressive instrument (my 5th electric) and it still provides a unique sound that I'm not getting from the other 4. I wouldn't hesitate buying another Washburn electric, they're a great bargain, great value.

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Product Description:
Mahogany body Flamed Maple top (WI45FHB, WI45FTR) Black hardware (WI45B, WI45WH) Chrome hardware (WI45FHB, WI45FTR) Stop tail with tune-o-matic bridge Mahogany set neck Wing inlays (MOP) Randall UL neck & SL bridge pickups Exclusive VCC control Exclusive Grover 18:1 gear ratio tuners 24.75" scale Buzz Feiten Tuning System™

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