G&L Tribute Legacy Guitar (Blueburst, Hard Rock Maple Neck) Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Tuesday, November 1, 2011

G&L Tribute Legacy Guitar
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Seeing the lack of a review for this product, I'll try to help you guys out. I've owned a Tribute Legacy for about 3 years now, and I've always loved it. I sold a Fender (MIM) Deluxe Super Strat to get it, and I've never looked back. This guitar is what the Fender Standard Strat wishes it could be, for the same price. The quality and cut of the maple used for the neck is far superior, The USA made alnico pickups sound much better than the standard Fender pickups or even the Tex-Mex pickups. The two-point fulcrum tremolo is much more usable, easier to set up, has better tuning stability, and a higher mass block for more sustain. And the Korean build quality is great, at least as good as the recent Japanese Fenders. I've owned a lot of Fenders, and always liked them, but I would put the Tribute Legacy up against any MIM or MIJ Fender and even the USA Highway 1 series. Great Guitar... only $499?? Get two!!

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Product Description:
The G&L TRIBUTE SERIES LEGACY is one of the orginal designs for which G&L's founder Leo Fender is world renowned.This fine Double Cutaway instrument features a Hard Rock Maple neck with Fully Enclosed, 18:1 ratio, Tuning Machines and a Maple fingerboard mounted to a Solid Ash body with a rich BlueBurst finish and a Pearl pickguard.It comes equipped with 3 Patented, USA Made, G&L vintage style Alnico V single coil pickups controlled by the Patented G&L Passive Treble/Bass (PTB) system which includes a single Volume Control combined with separate Treble and Bass Controls and a 5 Position Pickup Selector Switch.Hardware includes a Patented G&L Dual Fulcrum Vibrato which pivots on two hardened posts for perfect return to pitch and maximum sustain.G&L Deluxe Gig Bag included.

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