Michael Kelly Patriot Premium MKPPBRD Electric Guitar Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Friday, April 22, 2011

Michael Kelly Patriot Premium MKPPBRD Electric Guitar
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I have had this guitar for only 2 days and to say the least I am overwhelmed in an every way regarding it. I have been a guitarist for 35+ years (I am 45) and have owned many guitars including a Fender Lead III and Gibson Les Paul. I also own and have owned several acoustics which is my general guitar of choice. I am very aware of what a good guitar should sound like and one that doesn't it. First I was very surprised at the stunning beauty of the guitar. The picture in Amazon is good but doesn't clearly show the beauty of the workmanship of this instrument. The color is gorgeous (I have the blood red) and it has a wonderful gloss applied to it as well. The abalone inlay is perfect without any uneven or uplifted areas any where on it. No blemishes or discoloration anywhere to be found. (Trust me I looked hard and am an easy critic). The ebony fret board really makes the abalone stand out. First thing I checked was the neck to see if it appears to be warped where I would need to adjust the truss rod but the neck was perfect. The action was set low, (my preference anyway since us females don't have the hand strength) and with only a minor remote buzz I could occasionally feel (not hear through the speaker though) is my only issue with it. Again that is a minor issue. A bridge adjustment would solve this problem.No buzz or short in either the switch, tone control or volume knobs. One knob is a little looser than the others but not too loose. Could be the others are slightly too tight. Again a minor issue. Now for the sound quality. The pickups are EMG 81, 85s and run $210 new. (I checked out all this before my purchase). Not being a metal fan I still had to revert briefly to my high school days and turn up the saturation to hear some old classic rock sounds and do some rifts. The sound was great. The 81 gave it a nice lead sound the 85 great rhythm and the combination was great as well. The real test for me though is how does it sound clean without any distortion or artificial gimmicks. I was very impressed. I could get a good natural honky tonk, blues or crisp lead sounds just as is. I have a classical style of play and the sounds held up superb doing normal acoustic songs on this guitar. The natural sustain held long and was very good and clear. Keep in mind the only amp I have is a very small Peavey Rage 108 that is over 20 years old and if it sounds awesome through that amp we are talking some very good sound quality. It doesn't sound like a Les Paul but I don't think that was the intent with this guitar. It has its own unique and very versatile sound. Although with some tweeking with picks up and tone controls the sound came very close. (One could always get a Seymour/Duncan Pearly Gate pick up for this, I prefer the ones it came with).If this were a Les Paul name it would easily go for $1500 to $2000. It has a mahogany body, maple top, maple set neck, ebony fret board and with all else in terms of appearance and the stunning sound I am profoundly pleased with it. How it will hold up I believe depends always on the care of the instrument but so far I find it hard to put it down and return to my acoustics. Another thing I am amazed at is the cost. All I can say is I take my hat off to Michael Kelly for creating such a wonderful instrument at a reasonable price. It is made in South Korea, where also my Takamine 12 string is from and they make very good and high quality instruments there. I definitely recommend this to guitar to anyone, hobbyist, or professional. If you doubt me try one out at a music store see if the Patriot Premium isn't all I am bragging about.

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Product Description:
For the player who loves the tone of the classic EMG® 81/85 combination and/or the player who wants a "throw down and look bad ass while doing it" axe, Michael Kelly presents the Patriot Premium. Armed with all the superior features to make this a tonal beast, the Premium is also adorned with a whole host of envy worthy appearance upgrades. In the tone department, you'll find the classic EMG® 81/85 pickup configuration, a TonePros® bridge, ebony fingerboard, set-neck construction and a mahogany body with a solid ½" maple cap that gives the Premium a tailored metal growl. To ensure you'll look as amazing as you'll sound, we've added quilt maple or flame maple to the top in three of the four striking finishes. Real pearl fingerboard markers and full abalone binding on the body, neck and matching headstock create a subtle yet unmistakable reminder that this is one high-end axe.

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