AXL Bloodsport FireAx Electric Guitar, Red/Black Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Sunday, March 13, 2011

AXL Bloodsport FireAx Electric Guitar, Red/Black
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I don't own this guitar (yet) but I did have a chance to test drive it recently, and was astounded at the quality given the low price point (the same can be said of several other AXLs I tried out). This is an original radical design, so people are either going to love that or hate it. If you're into the wild pointy guitar thing, read on. If not, check out some of the more standard designs from AXL. The fit finish on the guitar is pretty darn good. While not up to the extreme standards of a hand made USA hand-made$1000+ guitar, the fretwork is clean the joints are good, and in general the workmanship is better than I've found on most other guitars in this price range. The pickups are EMG designed, and they sound and respond like you'd expect from and EMG design with high output, thick rich tone and plenty of sustain. I liked the configuration with Humbuckers in the neck and bridge and a single coil in the middle as it gives the axe a lot of versatility in tone. The hardware is solid with smooth working tuners, and great trem bridge, but it's not real nice and fancy. It works for this guitar anyway. Played through a tube amp on high gain, this thing just screamed. The neck was not as fast as some I've played, but I thought it was pretty good (again for the price point). I seriously doubt you can find a guitar a suitable for the Metalas this one is at a better price.

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When you unleash your hot licks, the FireAx will sound as threatening as it looks. This guitar features an angular body, a floating tremolo bridge that's excellent for wailing solos, and two sets of humbuckers and one single coil pickup for the ultimate in tonal variety. The FireAx is mayhem at its finest.The May 2006 issue of Guitar World reviews the FireAx Mayhem guitar and gives it a gold award for overall value.

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