Rogue HSS Electric Guitar Value Pack, Blue Review

Posted by Sherrie Kearney on Friday, November 5, 2010

Rogue HSS Electric Guitar Value Pack, Blue
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First of all, I must say that I'm a beginner and have very little experience with guitars. That said, I've had this guitar for a little less than a week and put in many hours learning the A pentatonic blues scale. As I've been practicing, I've broken up the monotony by bending the notes here and there. I've noticed that, despite this, the guitar stays in tune quite well. I've read the reviews of another very well-known (and, hence, more expensive) brand guitar starter package and have noted that all of the bad things said of that other brand were not true with the Rogue. For example, this other brand had frets that were not finished and tended to cut up the player's hands while playing. The Rogue is very nicely finished and has no problems with the frets. Quickly going out of tune was another big complaint with this other, well-known guitar. As stated before, this is not an issue with the Rogue as it stays in tune despite string bending (note - I haven't used the "wammy" bar - or whatever it's called - so I can't attest to the guitar staying in tune if this bar is heavily used).The amp is fine for me, and I don't even bother using it when practicing, as the sound is adequate without.When I do use the amp, I use the earphone input which I'm very happy with. It seems to be very well made - beautiful maple neck, nice rosewood fretboard. The pickups give a nice variety of sounds. I think anyone starting out will be very happy with the Rogue. I will update this review if possible as I progress through my lessons, which I'm staring soon.

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The Rogue Rocketeer HSS Electric Guitar Value Package includes a double cutaway electric guitar, gig bag, strap, guitar cable, picks, and a 10W solid-state guitar amp.The Rocketeer electric guitar has a solid paulownia body, and a high-output humbucking bridge pickup combined with 2 single-coil pickups for a variety of tonal options. Maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and tremolo bar.The 10W Rogue solid state guitar amplifier makes a great practice amp. It features a single input with Volume, Gain, Treble, and Bass controls. Boost your overall signal for more tone with the Power Boost select button. Practice using the amp's headphone output when you don't want to disturb your roommates or neighbors.

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